Dog Escapes Yard And Heads Over to Local Pet Spa – Wagging Tail Shows How Much She Missed it


If it could, where do you think a pet dog would take itself on a walk? Perhaps it’d make a beeline for the local butcher’s shop for a special treat, or maybe it’d head straight over to the park to chase squirrels.

Well, for one pup in Winnipeg who made her great escape from the family home—she went right to the local pet spa.

Before the pandemic, 5-year-old border-cross Gem used to visit Happy Tails Pet Resort & Spa three or four times a week. Then lockdown hit Manitoba, and her visits went down to four times a month.

So she seemingly decided to take matters into her own hands, left her fenced-in backyard before 6:30am on a Saturday morning, and went on over to the popular parlor.

Once Gem’s human family got the call from the spa to say she was thankfully safe and sound, they knew just what to do—they let her spend the day at her very favorite place.